All trips are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Teen Service Trips

We provide rotating service trip opportunities for high school youth and are the only parish in the Diocese of Washington to provide a service trip opportunity to middle school youth. Each trip participant undergoes a comprehensive training on our Christian call to service, how we serve responsibly, and how our work away can extend to our lives back home. For more information on these trips, contact Caleb Nelson Amaker, director of youth and family ministries at St. Mark’s.

Middle School

Two-year rotation: This program alternates between a trip to rural small towns to learn about environmental stewardship and a week in D.C. to learn about outreach initiatives in our own neighborhood.

High School

Three-year rotation: The teens have visit a mix of rural, urban, and international locations to experience God in different community settings.  These three unique experiences help broaden our worldview, expose us to lives that look radically different from our own, and inspire our youth to approach their place in the world with a passion for positive change rooted in empathy.