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Notes From the Vestry Meeting, Tuesday, January 25, 2022

From Senior Warden Linell Grundman

2022 budget. We voted in our budget for 2022 and were happily able to accommodate all the budget requests that came from the many wonderful entities who are part of our Parish Life and Faith Community. I give thanks for the amazing work of Treasurer Frank Nickerson, Assistant Treasure Randy Marks and our wonderful Finance Committee and Vestry along with of course our clergy and staff for their hours and hours of work to bring in the budget. I am thrilled the budget reflects our faith-filled resource management discussions.

Personnel Committee. Work continues on institutionalizing the St. Mark’s Personnel Committee. The current committee is made up of parishioners Brandon Knight (chair), Monica Mills, Janice Gregory, and John Anthony Meza, along with ex officio members Rev. Morgan, Sr. Warden Linell Grundman, Treasurer Frank Nickerson, and Assistant Treasurer Randy Marks. Two tasks got us off and running as we begin the work of building an organized approach to personnel issues both as good practice and, especially, to help our clergy gain much needed time for their priestly work.

Stewardship Committee. The Stewardship Committee has formed again and will begin to meet next month. The existing charter for that committee establishes membership from representation of our financial committees. In addition, we are amending the Stewardship Commitee charter to bring on parish volunteers. Both these groups are “standing committees” of the Vestry. You will see an announcement this week asking for letters of interest if one would like to join the newly forming Membership Committee.

Pastoral care planning. Parish wide Pastoral Care Planning is solidly underway with a group of over twenty people involved. The goal is to produce a draft Parish Wide Pastoral Plan for Rev. Morgan to peruse before she leaves for her Sabbatical. If you would like more information about Parish Pastoral Care Planning contact me at or phone 508-776-3256.

Temporary Restricted Fund. Other big news from your Vestry is the creation of a “Temporary Restricted Fund” that will allow those in our Church Family through the administration of the Outreach Board to nimbly begin developing a program that will foster our communities direct support of Afghan families relocated to DC. For more information about this contact Karen Getman, Maureen Shea or Kenn Allen.

Invitation to future vestry meetings.Tuesday night saw many parishioners join us for our Vestry meeting on Zoom. Our meetings are open to all parishioners. To attend, you need only contact me or any Vestry member for a link. Eventually we will resume hybrid meetings with an in-person meeting at church and a Zoom link.

Candidates for Vestry needed to run in 2022. Lastly, if you are interested in serving on the vestry, please watch for announcements about the process and reach out to a member of the Nominating Committee to express your interest or have any questions answered. Committee members: Shay Waye, Andrew Stafford, Kit Arrington, Lynn Kneedler, and Margaret Crenshaw

Peace and Light,