The Vestry is the governing board of the parish. It meets monthly and is presided over by the Rector. Voting members include the Senior and Junior Wardens and nine Vestry members elected by the parish membership. Parish officers participate actively in the work of the Vestry but do not vote. Members of the Vestry also serve as liaisons to the Pillars and various priority committees and activities, as needed.

Minutes of Vestry meetings are posted on the website and can be found here.

Notes from the wardens are posted on this page.


The Senior Warden: Jim Brooks

The Senior Warden is elected by the parish membership and is the “chief lay officer” of St. Mark’s. The Senior Warden works in partnership with the Rector to give overall leadership to the parish.

The Junior Warden: David Wellman

The Junior Warden is elected by the parish membership and is responsible for the management and upkeep of our buildings and grounds. The Junior Warden is assisted by other parishioners—including the Manciple, the Fabric Committee, and the Garden Committee—and St. Mark’s maintenance contractor.

Vestry Members

Class of 2024: Christoph Berendes, Jeb Ory, Katherine Buchanan
Class of 2025: Harrison “Hank” Donnelly, Jan Lipscomb, Nick Rogers
Class of 2026: Travis Beaty, Meg Platt, Todd Thorpe


Parish Officers

Clerk: Shay Waye
Treasurer: Randy Marks
Assistant Treasurer: Bill Jordan
Assistant Treasurer: Frank Nickerson
Manciple: Martha Huizenga
Legal Counsel: Rosemary Harold
Risk Manager: open