Diocesan Representatives

St. Mark’s is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and the Episcopal Church of the United States. St. Mark’s sends three delegates to the annual diocesan convention, and members of the parish serve in a variety of other roles in the diocese.

Parish Delegates to Diocesan Convention: Maureen Shea (Class of 2026), Tom Getman (Class of 2025), Mary Neznek (Class of 2024)

Standing Committees and Teams


Personnel Liaison: Brandon Dunn Knight
Advisory Committees offer support for our clergy, program staff, and wardens.
Convener: Betsy Athey

Elders are former wardens and co-directors of Christian Education. They meet at the call of the Rector and/or Senior Warden to offer counsel on the life and labors of the parish.
Co-conveners: Betsy Athey, Bruce Sherman

The Membership Committee is charged with providing a welcoming spirit in our community so that current and new members, newcomers, and visitors experience radical hospitality.
Convener and Treasurer: Jeb Ory
Vestry Liaison: Jeb Ory

The Communications Working Group provides technical and editorial services for the St. Mark’s website, publications, and displays.
Co-Conveners: Thia Hamilton and Christoph Berendes
Vestry Liaison: Christoph Berendes


The Endowment Board manages monies given to the church by parishioners for specific purposes.
Co-Chairs: Kim Bayliss, Karen Wiedemann

The Finance Committee drafts the parish budget; monitors income and expenditures throughout the year; conducts a financial needs analysis in coordination with clergy, staff, and parish leaders; and makes recommendations to the vestry on financial matters.
Chair: Randy Marks
Vestry Liaison: Hank Donnelly

The Money Counters are approved by the Vestry to count and deposit the Sunday collections.
Chair: Kathryn Powers


Chartered by the Vestry, the Stewardship Committee was formed to provide strategic coordination and planning for our parish’s various stewardship priorities, including annual giving/canvass, Legacy Lions planned giving, capital campaigns, major gifts, endowment, and membership development.
Chair: Michele Morgan
Vestry Liaison: TBD

The annual Canvass is run by parish leadership. Contact Michele Morgan for info regarding Canvass 2020.


The Fabric Committee assists the Junior Warden with his/her work managing the parish buildings and grounds.
Chair: David Wellman
Manciple: Martha Huizenga

We have two Columbaria: One is located in the chancel (by the high altar) and the other in the Chapel of the Nazarene (to the right of the high altar). The Columbarium in the chapel has space available.
Coordinators: Penny Hansen (chapel), Doris Burton (chancel)

Parish Programs


Director of Music: Jeff Kempskie

Chancel Choir Director: Jeff Kempskie
Boys and Girls Choir Director: Judith Rautenberg
Handbell Choir Co-Directors: Katherine Anderson

Youth & Family Ministries

Director of Youth & Family Ministries: Caleb Nelson Amaker

Vestry Liaison:
Outreach Liaison: Linda Staheli
Sunday School Liaisons: Paul Albergo, Kris Humphrey
Parish Life Liaison: Erika Lehman
Family Events Liaison: Ruth Roman
Youth Events Liaison: Leslie Allen
Nursery Coordinator & Manager: Deborah Cunningham