Wednesday Bible Class on Zoom

Join us every Wednesday.

In the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) God has many names. “Really?! You mean, even back then, people experienced God in different ways?” “Well, maybe. Let’s see….”

In this class we will review stories and passages from Hebrew Scriptures that represent different source traditions, different ways people experienced God acting in their lives, and various ways to describe God. We use commentary, the reading and interpretation of text, questions and discussion, then ask ourselves: “What does our learning mean for our lives now?” We learn collaboratively. There is no assigned homework…but, you never know, you might get interested and… New members are welcome and appreciated.

Dates and time: September 7, 2022–May 24 2023, noon–1:15 p.m.
Leaders: Peter Mosley (Leader); Raiford Gaffney (Administrator)
Location: Click on the Bible Class icon.

Please send an email to Raiford at if you would like to participate in this class.

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