Website about Verna Dozier

Check out this new website about our revered teacher.

During Caitlin Frazier’s first year at the Seminary of the Southwest, she undertook an independent course of study focused on the life and work of Verna Dozier, whom she had learned about during her 10 years as a member of St. Mark’s. That project resulted in the creation of a website——that features photos drawn from the archives at St. Mark’s and the Virginia Theological Seminary, which houses Verna’s papers.

Also included is an interview with Dr. Fredrica Harris Thompsett, author of an extensive biography of Verna for Biola University’s database of Christian Educators of the 20th Century and co-editor of Confronted by God: The Essential Verna Dozier.

The Dozier Library downstairs is temporarily locked due to security concerns. When it reopens, you can check out Verna’s books, two binders of her essays and sermons drawn from the VTS archives, and Thompsett’s book. For questions about the library, contact Peter Hawley at DozierLibrary[at]

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