We Want YOU…to run for a leadership position at St Mark’s. 

Feb 17, 2019

All members in good standing are eligible to run for positions in the church leadership. Learn more about the open positions to be voted on at this year’s Annual meeting on Sunday, March 24, 2019:

To get in the running, or enter someone else as a nominee, download a nomination form or find one in the tract racks, enter their name at the top, sign your name as of one of the required ten, and then gather signatures from others who will likely want to see that person run for office.

When finished, submit the form to any nominating committee member or the church office drop box by February 24th  Additional information regarding the process can be found in the tract racks or feel free to inquire of any of the nominating committee members named below.

Thank you for considering this important volunteer job at our church.

Nominating committee:

Beth Mahood, Chair; Thia Hamilton, Stephanie Deutsch,  Karen Wiedemann, Annie Rorem, Nora Howell, Kenn Allen, and Michele Morgan.

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