Volunteer Commitments Needed Now | For 5th Annual Vigil to End Gun Violence

Nov 06, 2017

On Wednesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 7th, St. Mark’s will once again host the annual National Vigil For All Victims of Gun Violence. This year commemorates the 5-year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

Guests arrive throughout the day on Wednesday (depending on their travel). Many arrive with luggage in tow, needing a place to stow it and refresh themselves after many hours of travel. Others head out the door immediately to meet with their members of Congress. Most look forward to reconnecting with each other over lunch on Wednesday with lots of storytelling and listening. Some have been coming to these vigils since they started. Others will be brand new this year as a result of tragedies they never imagined touching their own lives. All have experienced loss and have dedicated themselves to speaking up and speaking out about gun violence. Let’s be there for them and show our own support!

Last year over 80 volunteers helped these two days go smoothly. We expect even more guests this year and therefore need even more volunteer hours filled. It is an honor to host hundreds of people from around the country who have experienced gun violence.

Among those who come to St. Mark’s will be family members and friends of the many children and adults who have been killed; survivors of gun violence; and advocates. They come from all walks of life, faiths, and ways of moving through the world – and they all want this to end.

“Gun violence does not discriminate. We all are touched by it.  I hope that each person reading this is able to sign up and be a part of this work.” – Michele

Here’s how you can help: find a role that works for you, and then sign up for a 2-hour shift or as much time as you can give. Thank you!

Volunteers are needed for the following tasks:

  • Shift leader
  • Greeter
  • Coffee Maker (must be already trained on the coffee maker in our kitchen)
  • Host in Baxter Hall (mix and mingle with the guests. Help them feel welcome and well cared for at St. Mark’s)
  • Give directions in the street for those walking to their congressional visits.
  • Walk with delegations to the various office buildings
  • General help (super helpful running-around person)
  • Help the night of the vigil
  • Serve food

The form will allow you to volunteer for one or more roles and let you choose time slots for those things, to fit your availability.

Thank you for signing-up now, so that we can head into these important days knowing exactly how well-prepared and welcoming we will be.

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