St. Mark’s is conducting an anonymous and voluntary survey on the vaccination status within our community. Whether you are attending in-person services, online, or both, your participation and response will be gratefully appreciated. The information gathered will be used in the aggregate for planning purposes.

The more people respond the clearer a picture we can develop of where we are as a community, which will help all of us in understanding the risks we face when we gather. The survey will only take a minute or two to complete, and we hope that everyone will participate. Please complete the survey by September 30th.

The survey can be completed in multiple ways:

  • At the end of this online survey, simply click the Submit button and your survey will be sent and received anonymously.
  • A paper survey will be available on Sundays at St. Mark’s. Deposit it in the Return Box.
  • Call the Assistant Rector, Rev. Christopher Phillips, to complete the survey over the phone: 601- 651-0056

If you do not want to provide information about your vaccination status, you should select “I decline to respond.” If you are not vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons, you should select either “I have not been vaccinated” or “I decline to respond.” Respondents who “Decline to Respond” will be counted as “Not Vaccinated” for the purposes of this survey.