Update: Urgent Appeal for Gaza

May 28, 2021
5/28/2021: The following updates the original announcement (below) and emphasizes the need for continuing help.

Thank you to all who have already donated to our emergency appeal for donations to Ahli Hospital in Gaza. While Hamas and Israel have agreed to a fragile ceasefire, the nightmare for Gaza doesn’t end when the bombing stops. Our Episcopal hospital stands as a powerful witness to Christ’s love in the midst of chaos, destruction, and death. Almost 200 residential buildings have been destroyed in Gaza and more than 70,000 have lost their homes. Ahli Hospital needs your help caring for the injured, performing emergency surgeries, and treating thousands of post-conflict trauma cases, many of them children who have lost family members to the violence. Our prayers and financial support of this remarkable ministry bring hope to desperate families and children in Gaza.

If you have not donated you can still do so by sending a check to St. Mark’s with “Ahli Hospital” in the subject line. Contact Maureen Shea for the Mid East Working Group.

5/22/2021: The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem operates an amazing hospital, Al Ahli, which provides the full range of medical and surgical care to all those living in Gaza. The escalating conflict pushes Gaza’s health care system way past the breaking point. Ahli Hospital is open, trying desperately to serve its usual patients and cope with the arrival of casualties of bombings.

Ahli has opened a new surgery ward to treat the wounded and maimed. There is no electricity in Gaza now, so the hospital must operate its generators around the clock. Ahli needs medical supplies, medicines and fuel to power its generators.

We urge you to support this remarkable Christian witness in Gaza by writing a check to St. Mark’s with Al Ahli Hospital in the subject line. Contact Maureen Shea for more information.

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