Update on our Afghan family – the Stanikzais, Bilal & Benafsha & their young sons

Jun 03, 2022

A baby girl is expected in October. The Stanikzis are doing exceptionally well on Lutheran Social Services’ goal for refugees to self-sustain after six months. Bilal, who speaks excellent English, was able to find a well-paying job with benefits. The government benefits handled by LSS all came through.

St. Mark’s and Christ Church oufittted their apartment, began ESL for Benafsha and the boys, assisted with food and clothing and provided advice on a number of issues. Our work continues regarding medical care, immigration status, ESL, and financial guidance.

They’ve told Karen how much they felt at sea when they first arrived and wondered what would happen next after their perilous exodus from Afghanistan in October. They are eager to thank our volunteers and donors, so Kim Bayliss and Todd Thorpe are organizing a joint St. Mark’s/Christ Church celebration with the family. Stay tuned for details!

Afghan families continue to arrive in the United States and many of those already here are struggling. When Karen returns mid-June from vacation, we will have a good idea of what more will be needed with this family and can assess how we can be most helpful in resettling others.

Contact: Maureen Shea – mtshea@aol.com

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