Two Things to Do When You Come to Church

Review Covid-19 safety questions and sign in just inside our doors.
When you come to church in-person—whether for a service, Sermon Seminar, or to drop off your children for Sunday School—we ask that you follow these two steps:
    1. Before leaving home, review the Covid-19 safety questions at the bottom of this page and make sure your answer to all of the questions is “Yes.” (If you are symptomatic or have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19, please stay home and take good care of yourself, letting us know if you need help.)
    2. Upon arrival, sign in at the tables just inside the Courtyard door or the A Street doors.

We still feel it is very important for us to maintain good contacts for notification in case someone reports they have become ill with COVID after attending church. We appreciate your cooperation. Sunday School students, teachers, choir members, and all those involved in worship are tracked by staff and volunteers. But everyone else who attends church is asked to sign in. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Senior Warden Louise Walsh.

We want to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have helped our community regather with care since June. Your devotion to the health and safety of the parish has been a blessing to us all.

Covid-19 Safety Questions

Before you come to church, your answer should be “Yes” to all of the following:

  • I agree to wear a mask over my nose and mouth at all times in church buildings, except for briefly removing my mask to take communion.
  • I agree I will only attend worship if I am healthy and I am non-symptomatic. (symptoms: fever ≥ 100.4◦F; sore throat; cough; shortness of breath; chills; vomiting, diarrhea or nausea; pink eye; joint or muscle aches; loss of taste or smell)
  • I agree to maintain physical distance and to make no physical contact with anyone beyond members of my household without their permission.
  • I agree to respect any requests for distance and masking to ensure the safety and comfort level of others, even as restrictions are reduced in the wider community.
  • I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, in the past seven days I have not had contact with any person with a presumed diagnosis of COVID 19.
  • I acknowledge that the coronavirus is highly contagious and there is a risk of infection that is beyond the control of the church in spite of precautions that are being taken. I will make my own decision as to my safety in entering the church building and for the safety of children and others in my care.

Read Masks: Why We Should Mask, by a member of the Regathering Advisory Group.

We will continue moving forward cautiously and with care for each other and will make adjustments as needed in response to changes in circumstance.

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