Thank You from Halloween Party Co-chairs! And pictures…

Nov 05, 2016

We had a fabulous Saints and Sinners Halloween Intergenerational Party on Friday, October 28. Thanks to the 130-plus folks who made it a horrifying and wonderful celebration! We want to especially recognize our amazing worker bees: Julie Murphy, Susan Ryerson, Stewart Andrews, Jan Lipscomb, Leslie Allen, Doug Ammon, Marilu Sherer, Caroline McReynolds-Adams, Julie Parsons, Teddy Ammon, Doris Burton, and all who stayed to clean up, or who helped in other ways large and small, including Erika Lehman, Kit Arrington, and Heather Powers.

These volunteers fed us, crafted artwork, took teens up to the tower, oversaw ticket sales, decorated, stocked and managed the bar, led youth activities, answered all our questions and entertained us with live music.

Thanks also to Michele, Justi and Peter for showing up in costume and setting a great tone. It was truly a night of celebration and built on St. Mark‘s long tradition of fabulous parties!  Enjoy a sampling of creepy and cool photos…

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