Since COVID St Mark’s has continued its’ support for the Arts. We have had some virtual shows and classes. The links are below:

Over the years, each has contributed to our liturgical collection:

  • Loaves and Fishes for over the altar – Church members, including children, contributed to the sculpture. An idea of Peter Mosely, organized and realized by Tracy Council.
  • Stoneware crèche, stoneware chalice and paten (Betty Foster)
  • Stations of the Cross woodblock prints (Tracy Councill)
  • The Owl Project – Owls against sexual harassment (Elin Whitney-Smith and the Parliament of Owls)
  • Fair linen (Marlies Jervis)
  • Wood pledge pillar, box, and tract rack (Paul Monahan)
  • Lectern sculpture (Lynda Smith-Bugge)
  • Broken mirror cross, Epiphany star (Joya Cox)
  • Paraments/vestments for Advent in Marian blue in which engaged parishioners brainstormed at a parish retreat using the upcoming Advent readings; Tracy then took the ideas and designed two chausables, lectern and pulpit hangings, two stoles, and a veil plus two handwoven stoles reflecting the homespun of that era (Tracy Councill, Doris Burton, Arts Council gift)
  • A mobile of origami doves for Pentecost (Tracy Councill)

Often, artists have stepped forward to create something special for us: in 1996, when the Chancel Choir was planning its first trip to England, a chalice and paten was designed by a parishioner and resides in the treasury of the cathedral. In 2002, when the Lichfield Cathedral choir came to us, Lynda Smith-Bugge used some of what remained of the original boxwood planted around the courtyard and turned a ciborium (container for the consecrated host used at communion) as a gift.

From the Visual Arts Group came the idea to offer short classes in conjunction with Christian Ed, that would be one-day opportunities for parishioners to tour an art exhibit led by one of our knowledgeable artists, followed by a return to church for a discussion and opportunity to try their hand at similar techniques. Classes called “Beyond the Frame” continue according to shows at local galleries and museums.

Art shows, where these and other members of the parish exhibited and sold art were numerous. Most recently, St. Mark’s hosted Vassar College’s Haitian Art Show and Sale to benefit a mission project on that island.

 Tracy Councill, Chair, Arts Pillar