Useful Forms and Procedures

2023 Annual Pledge – Online form — Submit this online form to make a financial pledge to St. Mark’s.

2023 Annual Pledge – Printable Form — Print and complete this form to make a financial pledge to St. Mark’s.

Annual Authorization for paying a pledge by automatic checking account withdrawals.

Deposit Form — Use this form to prepare a deposit of checks and/or cash

Deposit Form Addendum — Use this form only if you need a second page to list the checks and/or cash for a deposit.

Expense Voucher — Use this form to either request reimbursement or request a payment be made to a vendor. See instructions, below.

Instructions for Completing the Expense Voucher – follow these instructions for documenting and submitting an expense voucher.

Gift Acceptance Executive Summary – Read the summary version of the full policy on gift acceptance at St. Mark’s.

St. Marks Gift Acceptance Policy

Application for Fundraising Event or Activity

Formal Parishioner Grievance Procedure

Space and Room Request Form