St. Mark’s Calls Its Twelfth Rector!

Jan 25, 2017
What follows is reprinted from a special Gospel e-letter sent to parishioners on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. 
We are delighted to announce that the Vestry has voted to call The Rev. Michele H. Morgan as the twelfth Rector of St. Mark’s.
Following a protocol laid out by the Diocese, the Vestry completed a four-step Strategic Ministry Review in preparation for the decision whether to call the Rev. Morgan as our next rector. The four steps included:
1. An analysis of parish and Vestry responses to the 20 professional and personal characteristics identified in the parish-wide survey which led to the development of the Parish Profile
2. A self-assessment by Michele
3. An analysis of past performance based on calls to several references
4. A review of responses from the staff

The Vestry received more than 60 thoughtfully written comments. Additionally, even more parishioners spoke to Vestry members about their view of Michele’s ministry. The Vestry and church staff added their written comments to the others and Michele sent her own assessment of the opportunity to the Vestry.


All input was considered with respect and great appreciation. It is fair to say that most people were very enthusiastic in their support of Michele. Several people suggested ways in which she could be even more effective. A few people had questions or expressed concern about the unconventional turn that the selection process took when, after 6 months as our Interim Rector, Michele transitioned into the role of Priest-in-Charge, while her candidacy and “fit” – to use Bishop Mariann Budde’s term – for twelfth Rector of St. Mark’s began to be considered.


The combined results were discussed with Michele: first, by the Wardens and then, in a separate meeting with the Vestry. In both cases, Michele presented her views and made it clear that she eagerly looked forward to the challenge if the final decision was to call her as our Rector. Calls made to a variety of prior colleagues yielded favorable references that the Vestry discussed at a special meeting last Monday, January 23, 2017, before taking a final vote.


We are especially pleased to report the Vestry reached a unanimous decision. It is our shared conviction that Michele is the right person to lead us into an exciting and rewarding future.


The Vestry would like to thank the entire parish for journeying with us as we have grappled with how best to move forward in this task as your elected leaders. The collective input, taken with the 18-month experience we all have had with Michele (and she with us), has resulted in a process that has been exceedingly thorough and, we believe, a decision that is far more informed than one that could have been made following a more traditional search.


We ask you to join us in celebrating and supporting Michele as she steps into her new role in this next stage of our life as a community.


Thanks be to God.


Doris Burton
Steve Dalzell
Stephanie Deutsch
Thia Hamilton
Fritz Henn
Martha Huizenga
Doug Jackson
Beth Mahood
Peter Sherer
Karen Wiedemann

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