St. Mark’s Book Club Membership Openings

May 20, 2022

St. Mark’s Book Club (45 years and still going strong) has openings for two new members. Rather than meeting and discussing, this Book Club passes hard-copy books (one fiction and one non-fiction) every two weeks from Sept to late May, generally at Sunday service.

The Club has 18 members, who during the book season are offered 36 recently published books. The non-fiction books cover a vast array of topics: history, economics, social trends, sports, science, music, art, politics, biographies, food, and more. There is one rule: books must be passed according to a set schedule every two weeks, whether read or not.

A seven-member committee chooses the books that circulate. Each spring the books are sold at an annual auction/potluck (the Club’s only meeting). The funds raised at auction, plus $30/per member annual dues, are used to purchase the next year’s books. If you love to read but don’t have time for meetings/discussions, this is the Club for you.

Please contact Margaret Crenshaw at crenshawm2[at]gmail if you’re interested and want further information.

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