2021 Lenten Mite Box: Incarceration Justice Issues

Daily throughout Lent 2021

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. (Hebrews 13-3)

This year, in lieu of a 40-day Lenten brochure, the Mite Box Team will use the St. Mark’s Daily Email to provide a daily reflection about incarceration realities for you and your family to think about, starting on Ash Wednesday. To combine thought with action, each daily reflection will suggest a donation you can make to your own “Mite Box.”

Merriam-Webster defines a Mite Box as a small box distributed individually to the members of a church for the collection of a special offering. Sadly, we cannot distribute boxes this year, so see our tips on how to make your own 2021 Mite Box.

The Outreach Board has decided funds collected through our Mite Boxes will be donated to “Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop.” This organization uses literary arts, workforce development, and violence prevention to connect incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth and adults to their voices, their purpose, and the wider community and the DC Jail is one of their locations…See https://freemindsbookclub.org.

Questions? Contact the Outreach Board at outreach@stmarks.net.

Mite Box Donations: After Lent, please send the total amount of your daily Mite Box donations one of three ways:

  1. mail a check to St. Mark’s, OR
  2. make an online contribution (use this special link so that mite box donations are kept separate from other donations), OR
  3. text “stmarks20003 mitebox” to 73256.

Please have your donations to St. Mark’s by April 12th. Donation questions? Contact Patricia Braley.

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