Telling Our Stories of Jesus

Apr 23, 2023   ·     •   Luke 24:13-35

…we pick up the stories, and we re-tell them again and again. We roll them around in our mouths, good storytellers try new ways to start them, and we see what sparks an interest. More

We Will With God’s Help

Apr 09, 2023   ·     •   John 20: 19-31

God has broken into the world this morning; we must claim and act on it. God can transform an empty, dusty tomb devoid of life and turn it into a symbol of beauty, hope, and salvation.  More

The Wholeness Looks Different After You Have Been Broken

Apr 07, 2023   ·     •   John 18: 1-19; 42

I want to be a better listener, I want to have others listen better too. My hope, my goal, is that I try and turn inward and deal with my broken parts and places where Christ is not. Good Friday is good for that. More

Love One Another

Apr 06, 2023   ·     •   John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Maundy Thursday Today’s Gospel reading, and indeed today’s service, is one of urgency, challenge, and action. Let’s trace through some of it if it doesn’t feel that way. Urgency, because … More

Turmoil Amid Triumph

Apr 02, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 21: 1-11

As we journey together through Matthew’s Gospel, turmoil is a frequent companion…it’s an understandable temptation to simply seek comfort and solace while overlooking the turmoil around and inside of us. Turmoil, like temptation, can help to clarify what is important, foundational, and essential in our lives. More