Seeing with New Eyes

Mar 29, 2020   ·  

Seeing things with new eyes.
This gospel of Jesus is calling us to hear with new ears and to see the world anew.
There is a forging of people when there is Change. 
~there is no way that Lazarus was not changed by his death and resuscitation
~there is no way that Martha was not Changed

~there is no way that Mary was not Changed
~there is no way that the disciples were not Changed
~there is no way that we are not Changed by the disruption of the way WE ALL move through society. More

Perhaps Something Good Can Come of It

And here comes Jesus, that guy setting everything on its head, turning up into down and down into up. That guy, Jesus, heals him in a messy way, smearing dirt and spitting mud into his eyes. And the mess is going to continue because we liked the old normal of this guy on the corner who we knew had sinned. And now this Jesus, this interrupter guy, has made a mess again, and the authorities have to make old normal sense of what has happened. More