Both children and adults may be baptized at St. Mark’s; baptisms take place four times a year and candidates (parents of the child candidate or the adult candidate for baptism) are asked to participate in a baptism class, offered twice a year, so that they may learn more about the rite in which they are participating.

Parents who wish to present their child(ren) for baptism at St. Mark’s must attend a Baptism Class to learn more about baptism within the Episcopal Church and to explore the larger issues surrounding this important religious rite. The class is specially designed for parents and explores parenting issues that are posed by our Liturgy of Baptism.

Adult candidates for baptism should contact the church office to meet with clergy.

Baptism Course for Parents

The baptism course for parents is led as a facilitated discussion for parents to explore the parenting issues that are posed by the Liturgy of Baptism. 

The Baptism course is offered in the fall and in the spring. While taking the course, parents may choose a baptism date and select the 9:00 a.m., 11:15 a.m, or 5:00 p.m. service at which they wish their child to be baptized. The selected date and time is entered on a form which goes to the Parish Administrator.  The Parish Administrator then inserts the name of the child in the service bulletin for that date.

Please contact the Rector, Rev. Michele Morgan if you are interested in baptism.