Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington

Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (SMGW) serves those who are homeless or otherwise in need in the DC area to help them meet their goals, such as finding housing and employment. St Marks was one of the 12 Founding Parishes. Any and all parishioners are invited to bring non-perishable (non-expired) food items to church on Sunday. A dedicated team of parishioners works with Samaritan Ministry to transport the donated items to Samaritan Ministry for distribution to those in need. Here’s how that works…

Baskets Under the Altar

Ever notice the baskets under the altar? Share from your abundance by bringing food, toiletries, or other personal hygiene items to place in these baskets during the offertory segment of the Sunday services. (Please bring food that has not “expired.”)

Questions? Ask Gretchen and David Willson, who collect the food to deliver to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, located at 1516 Hamilton Street NW.

For more about how to volunteer with Samaritan Ministry, contact Deacon Cindy Dopp