Living our mission, “St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill is an open community, welcoming people wherever they are on their faith journey. We celebrate the gifts of God that empower us to engage boldly in the struggles of life and care for others with love, justice, and compassion.”

Service and justice are areas of ministry that matter a great deal to the St. Mark’s community. Our “service” work is primarily carried out through the many activities and partnered relationships in which we engage “hands-on” through the work of our Outreach Board and many dozens of St. Mark’s parishioners. Much of this is right here on Capitol Hill; some of it is carried out within the greater Washington DC area, and some of it extends into other parts of the world. We invite you to look through the Outreach Overview to learn more or go directly to Local OutreachInternational Outreach, and Youth Outreach for details. Our work takes many hands. Volunteers and newcomers are always welcome!

Justice is a concern that drives all our local and international outreach work. It is also addressed in our community commitment to larger-scale social and environmental issues such as Gun Violence Prevention and our stewardship responsibilities for the planet. Green Lions is our eco-justice and environmental action and education group.

St. Mark’s is often represented by members and/or clergy at actions on Capitol Hill (we are located just blocks away). Sometimes we show up as part of a large gathering such as a march or demonstration; other times a small group quietly holds vigil to pray and show visible support or concern for policy-making activities. We have hosted film screenings, discussion groups, and been present at Poor People’s Marches, Native American gatherings, Women’s and Youth March’s, Green Marches, and Supreme Court hearings. We’ve provided day-long hospitality (and shelter from the cold) to both inauguration attendees and Women’s March participants, without regard to political leanings. For seven years St. Mark’s has hosted the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence.

Learn more about Service and Justice at St. Mark’s on these pages:

Contact Outreach Board Chair Julie Murphy if you would like to participate or have ideas for serving others through the St. Mark’s Outreach program.