Seeking 9am Acolytes

Sep 10, 2021

Parents! Are you looking for a way to get your child involved in worship? Ah, we have the job for her/him. The 9 am service has, at this time, NO acolytes, and we are anxious to see their return (to say nothing of having something that is truly Episcopalian!) Acolytes light the altar candles, process the cross, collect the offering from the ushers, hand a few items to the clergy, recess the cross, and extinguish the candles. Liking to dress up essential (we wear white albs) and arriving 10 minutes early and staying 5 minutes after is all the time required. We’d love to have your 8-17 year old be part of this team and we train! Please contact Shay Waye, 9 am Acolyte Coordinator.

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