Rev. Michele Morgan’s May14, 2021 e-Gospel Message on Reopening

May 15, 2021

The CDC and the ABC of kindness and a new vision of us gathered.

I am thrilled that I am able to tell you that our opening date for worship in the Nave is three weeks from this Sunday. June 6th, we will gather in our church space for our 10 am service. As it stands now our 5 pm will continue on Zoom, with a gathering in the courtyard on the second Sunday of each month.

Because of changes announced yesterday in the CDC and Diocesan guidelines, we will be able to simplify our original reopening plan and relax some restrictions. We are still thinking through the details, but it is already clear that some of the procedures we planned for will not be necessary.

We are also committed to maintaining a hybrid service–both in-person and online–so that our community members who are not in this geographic area may continue to worship with those of us who are local, and so that those of us who are local but cannot make it to 3rd & A Streets can still join us.

That means we have a lot of learning to do as we regather. We will need to get comfortable with COVID protective measures that may still be necessary, and with the prospect that further precautions could be added if things get worse again. And we need to learn how to have people in service and continue to Livestream at the same time, and to make that process sustainable for the long term.


  • We will have the nave open for 50 people. We expect that number to expand in the coming weeks as we learn the craft.
  • We will expect people to have read our covenant for regathering and commit to following it.
  • We expect that all the people gathered will wear a mask.
  • We will assume that you realize that immunocompromised people and children can still be made sick, and that we will continue to love our neighbor and our community and wear a mask. The public health guidelines have changed radically over the last 24 hours, and as we live into this new reality we may change our guidelines, but right now this is not where we are.
  • We will continue with contact tracing, so you will be expected to come in one door, with a pre-registration, and sign in.

We are moving forward, yet we are not willing to throw the doors open. We still need to continue to be cautious, and we will be. As I said last week, we have an opportunity to keep what we love and to take time and examine what no longer serves us. So as we move to a new stage of our time as a community, I urge you to pay attention and see what inspires you, what you might want to shed, and remember that all of us are anxious in this time and that reaching out in grace and kindness to each other serves us all well.

We are coming back together, and things will be different, and I want to be intentional as we gather to have times to check in about where we are and where we are heading as a community. So we will have some Rector’s forums in the future, and if you have questions or want to talk, please be in contact. You can always get hold of me by email, phone, or my scheduler.

Take care and be gentle with yourselves.


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