Refugee Resettlement: What’s Happening?

Aug 15, 2016

Five  St.  Mark’s  parishioners  and  representatives  from   other   Capitol   Hill   churches   attended   a   meeting   with   Lutheran   Social   Services   to   discuss   plans   to   welcome   a   family   from   Syria,   Iraq   or   Afghanistan   to   the   US.     Lutheran   Church   of   the   Reformation   has   made  the  commitment  and  is  taking  the  lead  for  the  Capitol  Hill  faith  network  to  prepare.

At  St.  Mark’s,   we  have  had  conversations  about  the  refugee  crisis  for  a  number  of  months  and  now  we  have  an  opportunity  for  partnership  with  the  Lutherans,  Presbyterians  and  other  members  of  the  Capitol  Hill  community.    This  is  a  global  crisis  and  lending  our  support  is  consistent  with  our  faith  values.    A  family  may   arrive  very  soon,  and  help  is  urgently  needed  in  the  following  areas:

  •  Employment
  •  Finance
  •  Food  and  Clothing
  •  Housing  and  Furnishings
  •  Transportation
  •  Welcome

Please contact Karen Getman,,  Mandy Paust,, or Maureen Shea,  if you find an area of interest and we will contact you.

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