New Small Groups Being Launched

Jun 14, 2019

We are launching a series of small groups starting in June, 2019. Some groups are organized around specific themes or identities, while others will be organized on geography. If you are looking for a way to connect more deeply with folks at St. Mark’s, then small groups are for you! So that you can learn more and be in touch with facilitators, we have included more information on the groups, below.

Get in touch directly with the facilitator for the group you are interested in, or you can add your name to the sign-up sheet on the table in front of the organ pipes, and they will be in touch with you from there.

This is also a good time to remember that St. Mark’s has many already-existing groups, some of which have been gathering for decades. If none of the groups discussed here interest you, but you would like to find a way to connect with a smaller gathering, please be in touch with Assistant Rector Scott Lipscomb and he will be happy to get back to you with more information on the many different groups meeting here!

And if you lead a group that has been meeting here for many years and would like help publicizing your group, also get in touch with Scott; he would love to help you publicize your gathering!

More information on the new small groups:

Christian Legal Professionals

Facilitator: Jason Horrell

This intergenerational small group is for lawyers, paralegals, law students, and others working in the legal field to support each other as we discern what it means to pursue justice through law as a Christian in civil society. We may read, share meals, or discuss what inspires and challenges us (on a grand scale or in our day-to-day practice) during our time together. In our first meeting (date TBD), we will get to know one another, attempt to find a catchy name for ourselves, and determine as a group how we might best serve and support one another going forward. Please join us!

Lambda Lions

Facilitators: Mary Ellison  and Brandon Knight

The Lambda Lions is an affinity group of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) members of St. Mark’s parish. St. Mark’s has a history of inclusion of LGBTQ members, including being the first church in the Diocese of Washington to bless same-sex unions in July 2001. LGBTQ members serve in a variety of staff and lay leadership positions, including the Rev. Michele Morgan as our Rector. The Lambda Lions hopes to provide a supportive space for LGBTQ members and visitors to socialize, discuss issues of identity and faith, engage in positive change, and support one another wherever we may find ourselves in the faith journey.

Widows and Widowers

Facilitator: Mary Cooper

Being widowed affects everyone differently. For many people, loneliness is a big problem. Others struggle with legal issues and estate management. Some are in shock over the sudden change in their lives. The Widows and Widowers group’s first task will be to identify members’ needs so that we can work together to help each other live into our changed lives.

Roman Catholics

Facilitator: Bill Lee

There are a number of parishioners at St. Mark’s who were raised in the Roman Catholic faith and may still consider themselves Catholic. What’s it like to be a Catholic or an ex-Catholic at St. Mark’s? A range of thoughts and feelings including questioning, sorrow, joy, guilt, and freedom may accompany Catholics who have decided to worship at St. Marks. A number of us thought it would be interesting to compare notes on what it means to be a Catholic or ex-Catholic at St. Mark’s and what we bring to our worship here. Please join us and share your thoughts and experiences and hear from others who have made the same journey.

Regional Groups:

The regional groups will be organized based on where members live, rather than on shared identity, vocation, or life experience. They will therefore be a great way to meet people different from you who are your neighbors. Meetings will feature a topic for discussion and, often, a meal.


Facilitators: Beth Mahood  and Jan Lipscomb


Facilitators: Marlane Lidell  and Greg Gay 

North/East Maryland Lions

Facilitators: Doris Burton  and Michelle Strange

Downtown/Central DC

Facilitators: TBD

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