Memorial to the Lost

Dec 04, 2016

white blue yellow t-shirts represent 2015 victims of gun violence in greater washington dcOn Saturday, December 4th, a hardy group of volunteers gathered to install a “Memorial to the Lost.” The project was coordinated with the organizers of a Maryland nonprofit, Heeding God’s Call.

Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence is a grassroots organization made up of a wide variety of faith communities that band together to to comfort survivors, lead prayer vigils, create and install the Memorial to the Lost, curb illegal gun trafficking through demonstrations at gun shops, through public education and awareness, and through pushing for legislative change.

202 T-shirts were installed along fences and on frames in the courtyard.

Each T-shirt represents a life lost to gun violence in the Greater DC area – white for DC, blue for Maryland, yellow for Virginia.


More information is on display in the foyer, as well as in handouts available (while they last) near the installation.


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