Lead of Parish Life Pillar Needed

Aug 20, 2022

St. Mark’s is organized to a degree through our Pillar Structure, which groups together various aspects of our community’s work and activities in Pillars that show how we express our faith in community.

One Pillar is called Parish Life. It holds activities like the upcoming Halloween Party and various groups such as Hospitality, the Film Club, 3rd Agers, Women’s Investment Club, Dozier Library, Women to Women, and other groups. The Parish Life lead represents the wide variety of groups at Pillar meetings and helps create any budget requests.

The job has been vacant for over two years. It is a fun job, and there is lots of support and good onboarding. It is likely best suited for someone who has been a member for a couple of years and who has a sense of our community and some experience in one or more groups.

If you are interested and would like to see the job description contact Linell Grundman 

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