Last Ask for Gaza

Jun 04, 2021

The Archbishop of Jerusalem writes: “The Diocese has launched an urgent appeal for $1.6 million so that essential medical supplies, treatments, and services can reach those impoverished people. In addition to the medical shortages, Ahli Hospital is faced with supply shortages of fuel. Urgent intervention is of utmost importance when treating severe wounds, providing psychosocial support to traumatized women and children, and catering to the referrals with severe to moderate burns. This Emergency Appeal lays out the responses required to mitigate the impact of the crisis….The doors of Ahli Hospital will remain open, and with your benevolent help it will stand as a powerful witness in this place of desperation and unimaginable horror.”

Deep thanks to all who have already donated. You can still do so by sending a check to St. Mark’s with “Ahli Hospital” in the subject line. Contact Maureen Shea for the Mid-East Working Group with questions.

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