How to Make a Mite Box:

Be creative!  You can put a slit in the lid of a pint-sized plastic carryout container, or improvise with a large mug, a mixing bowl, a cardboard box, or something your family creates together. Whatever you use as a container will be yours to keep and will not be turned in to the church at the end of Lent.

You can deposit actual money day by day, or you can create tokens that represent specific values.  Such tokens might be match sticks, poker chips, slips of paper, or whatever you choose. At the end of Lent, you will be asked to determine the value of what you have collected and wish to contribute. Instructions for collecting these donations will be forthcoming right after Easter.

Optional for extra fun points:


Take a photo of your mite box creation, with or without the creators in the pic, and email it to St. Mark’s. We’ll post them on this page and keep adding photos as they come in. It will be fun to see the variety of “mite boxes” our community is inspired to make!

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Mite Box Donations: After Lent, please send the total amount of your daily Mite Box donations one of three ways:

  1. Mail a check to St. Mark’s, OR
  2. Make an online contribution (use this special link so that mite box donations are kept separate from other donations), OR
  3. Text “stmarks20003mitebox” to 73256.

Please have your donations to St. Mark’s by April 12th. Donation questions? Contact Patricia Braley.