Good Neighbors of Capitol Hill Has an Exciting New Website!

Visit the new website to find out how you can get involved!


During the past year of the COVID pandemic, refugees continued to arrive and the Good Neighbors of Capitol Hill have continued to prepare apartments for newly arriving families. We followed the CDC guidelines, maintaining strict protocols, and relied almost exclusively on younger volunteers for the actual set-up. During the lockdown, we created a new website telling about our work.

Do you have questions about immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees? Who are they, and why have they come? What help do they need to be successful? Our new website clarifies this along with stories of new arrivals.

Take a look at how our mission is organized and implemented, with your donations of Gifts in Kind (GIK). Learn how you could help with furnishings, operations, or donations.

The Biden/Harris Administration has raised the quota for refugees. This means the work of resettlement agencies will increase significantly, creating an even greater need for volunteers and donations. Take a look at our website for ways you might participate.

The families we serve come here with nothing but what they can carry and their hope and faith in the possibility of new lives ahead. Visit, and learn how you can help refugees achieve their dreams.


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