“Donate Now” enables you to make a one-time or recurring donation to St. Mark’s using your bank account or credit card. You may make a payment on your annual pledge or make an unpledged contribution to the General Fund.

If you want to make a donation to a special fund sponsored by St. Mark’s (e.g., Afghan Outreach), use the same Donate Now button (below). On the new page, open the “fund” menu under “Church General Fund” and scroll to select the fund of your choice.

Donate Now


The heart of the stewardship effort at St. Mark’s takes place every fall, when members, friends, and newcomers are asked to make a pledge of financial support for the coming calendar year. St. Mark’s depends on donations to sustain its programs and facilities. The annual church operating budget is based on the sum of these pledges, and the number of programs that St. Mark’s is able to offer depends directly on our donors’ generosity.

How Pledging Works at St. Mark’s

A pledge is a promise to pay an amount to support St. Mark’s over a period of time, usually a calendar year.

A pledge payment is a donation made to fulfill all or part of a pledge. Parishioners can choose to make contributions toward their pledge weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or in any installment plan that they wish.

A pledging member is a parishioner who has made a financial pledge. Pledging members are eligible to vote in leadership elections at our Annual Meeting in March and are eligible to be listed in the Parish Directory.

Making an Annual Pledge

Percentage Giving Charts
Online Pledge Form for the Year 2023
Printable Pledge Form for the Year 2023

Pledging through Realm – pledge directly through your Realm account. Access through Member Login in the website footer.

Paying a Pledge

Learn about the many ways to pay your pledge including:

  • Check
  • Text
  • Online from a bank account or credit/debit card
  • Automatic bank withdrawal
  • Payroll deduction with or without an employer match
  • Stock or mutual fund