Everyone Home DC’s Back-to-School Initiative

Jul 16, 2021

Support Everyone Home DC’s Back-to-School Initiative to distribute 200 $50 gift cards to families and their scholars.

The 2021-22 school year is right around the corner! Last year, Everyone Home DC shifted its back-to-school approach to ensure they offered flexible monetary support by providing families with gift cards. This new approach was met with gratitude from the families, who appreciated the efficiency of the process and their ability to create back-to-school shopping memories as a family. Last year, St. Mark’s—through the Outreach Board and individual members of our—congregationplayed a critical role in supporting Everyone Home DC in reaching its goal and we need your help again this year!

Please consider making a donation that will be used by the Everyone Home DC staff to purchase gift cards that can be sent electronically to families in support of their back-to-school shopping. Click here or visit https://everyonehomedc.org to make a donation in $50 increments today! Be sure to use the dropdown menu to indicate you are a St Mark’s parishioner.

Questions? Get in touch with Susan Sedgewick.

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