How to Be A Change Agent in Polarized Times : A Six-Week Sermon Series

Dec 25, 2017

A six-week sermon series, entitled How to Be A Change Agent in Polarized Times, will begin on Sunday, January 7. 2018. Three wise clergy of St. Mark’s – and a traveling-companion-Verger-parishioner, David Deutsch – will speak on these themes throughout Epiphany:

January 7—Baptism of our Lord

The Rev. Dr. Kate Heichler

Rooted in Belovedness 

January 14—Martin Luther King Day Celebration

The Rev. Michele Morgan

Risking Non-Violence

January 21

Mr. Andrew Arakawa

The Power to Forgive the Unforgivable

January 28

Mr. David Deutsch

Eating with Snakes—Setting a Table for the Repugnant

February 4

Where Are You Called to Resist?

February 11

The Rev. Michele Morgan

Where Are You Called to Make Peace?

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