Coffee Baristas Needed

Nov 05, 2021

Do you like your morning tea/coffee? Would you enjoy a cup of Joe following* Sermon Seminar or with snacks after 11:15 (til Pub lunch returns)? The Holy Grounds Coffee Team is the place for you. We train, we help, we’re about to beg you to join us…without a few more willing helpers, Sunday morning coffee could become only occasional.

Baristas for 9:00 and Grounds Crew for 11:15 have openings…contact Kenn Allen or Doris Burton.

*for the foreseeable future, we are not allowing food or drink to be consumed in the Nave in alignment with our “masks on” policy. This applies to food and beverages from the outside as well as those provided during Hospitality gatherings in Baxter Hall and in the courtyard. The exception is for very young children, with parental supervision.

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