Canvass 2019 – Pledges Still Welcome! (Not Current)

Dec 09, 2018

This page was created for a past Canvass. Please click here to find information for the current Canvass.

2019 Annual Canvass

We have set a goal of raising $890,000 in pledges for the calendar year 2019 – from about 320 pledging units.
These are funds that are used to support the annual operating budget of the church (Payroll, Administration,
Outreach, Building Expenses, etc.).

Here’s the status through Tuesday January 22nd:

Pledged to date:                                $760,000
% towards our goal of $890,000:    85%
Number of pledges in:                      239
Number of new pledges:                  14

We’re getting closer — but there are still close to 100 pledge units from 2018 who haven’t pledged yet, and
we’re slowing down. If you haven’t made your pledge yet, you can do that now with our online pledge form. (It only takes a moment!)

Want more information? Look through this slide deck to get more detailed information regarding the  2019 Canvass.

 Still have questions? Contact Nora Howell,

Thank you!

This Online Pledge Form is quick and easy. Want to see some other options? Take a look.

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