The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on March 24 following a 10:00 a.m. service. Registration of voting members and a light lunch will take place just ahead of the meeting. Elections will be held during the meeting. Meet the candidates, here, and then plan to hear from them individually during the meeting, and before the voting begins.

Candidate for Senior Warden

ryan-baugh-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcRyan Baugh

I have been attending St. Mark’s since Ash Wednesday 2016, shortly after arriving in DC. I quickly found a community of seekers here, a place where together we can ask what it means to live in community, and how to live into our beliefs and manifest our commitments in the world.

In these three years I’ve been worshipping with you through song in the choir at the 11:15 service and taking our shared vision for care out into the world through Sunday Suppers. I’ve grown into this community through sharing in the Belongings class. I’ve been working to build and strengthen our community through helping the 20s/30s develop meaningful programming here and across the diocese and by co-chairing Membership. I’ve been helping us celebrate and deepen our connectedness by helping plan and lead in the parish retreat. I’ve been helping secure our financial future through helping Extended Vision plan and throw our recent Winter Party. And I’ve been helping to support our leaders through serving on Michele’s advisory council for several years.

I am so happy to have found this place where we actively live into community, where we actively ask difficult questions, and where we seek to act on sometimes uncomfortable answers. I look forward to seeing where we take our unique gifts in the future and how we add to and build upon them. And to seeing how it changes each and every one of us along the journey.

Candidate for Junior Warden

jim-pittman-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcJim Pittman

I’m the lucky husband of Elizabeth Arthur and father of Smith Pittman. Elizabeth and I reside in Capitol Hill and Smith attends Barrett’s Honor College at Arizona State University.

I have been attending the Episcopal church since 1995.

I grew up on a small farm in south Alabama where everyone had skillsets to teach a young lad and everyone had to work.  My father and grandfather taught me everything from setting foundations to wiring and finishing houses.  I worked as an electrician apprentice and in appliance and HVAC repair and installation for several years.  I ran off to Auburn University where I obtained a BS in Forest Products and Management.  This led me to the pulp and paper, water treatment and recovery boiler industry where I ended up as a Regional Manager for a large chemical supplier.  I then finished my career in the industry as an Application Manager for an instrument and advanced process controls company across the Americas.  Currently, I am working part-time with a controls and equipment company in agriculture.

Candidates for Diocesan Delegate (1 open position)

grace-aspinall-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcGrace Aspinall

I’m known as a person who accomplishes difficult and near impossible tasks with intelligence, tenacity and a sense of humor, although those are not the only assets necessary to qualify me as your Diocesan Delegate.

I bring a great deal of experience to the role because I’ve served in this capacity at St. John’s Williamstown, Massachusetts.  Sadly, our very young Bishop of Western Massachusetts died of cancer, which meant I was one of many not just beholding to our Parishes but also in charge of electing a new Bishop.  I considered it a privilege, but it was certainly very sad.

A member of St. John’s since birth meant I grew up in the old Episcopal Church, which my mother referred to as the battle for the fanciest women’s hats and where money was worshipped to excess.  But we evolved and I eventually brought my mother back to a loving church where everyone was respected and cherished.

I served as Clerk of the Vestry for six years at St. John’s (you will notice I’m not running for Vestry today or anytime soon), a lay Eucharist minister, a Sunday School teacher where one year the students asked to continue class for two additional weeks and often provided the escape to a real home for many Williams College students.

At St. Mark’s over the past 20 plus years I’ve attended wonderful classes, taught Sunday School, served on the Worship Committee, been a part of the service from acolyte to communion assistant, worked with the homeless community and enjoyed the company of so many wonderful people.

I would be honored to serve as your delegate.

caitllin-frazier-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcCaitlin Frazier

I was drawn into St. Mark’s more than eight years ago by a friend. I had just moved to DC with the dream of working and living on Capitol Hill. Since then, I’ve taken the probing LCF class with Bill Jordan, Marlane Liddell, and Rev. Paul Abernathy. I also served on the seminarian advisory committee of Weston Mathews, and on the discernment and search committee after Paul departed. I’ve had the enormous privilege of singing in the chancel choir with dedicated and delightful choristers who became friends.

Have you known people who are 100% themselves, all the time? That’s what I love about St. Mark’s, we are ourselves. We’re not trying to be like every other Episcopal Church. We’re not trying to be a political party or a social club. We are St. Mark’s. We’re spiritual, and silly, and contrarian, and questioning.

In addition to loving St. Mark’s, I love the Episcopal Church. I grew up in the Episcopal tradition in Oklahoma, and served in the Episcopal Service Corps in Los Angeles prior to moving to DC. I also served on the General Convention’s Standing Committee for Social Justice and Public Policy. I’m running for delegate so I can be a bridge between St. Mark’s and the broader Episcopal Church.

Candidates for Vestry (3 open positions)

kit-arrington-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcKit Arrington

Occupying only a small corner of one city block, St. Mark’s continues to fascinate me as a place that remains packed full of people, ideas, energy and actions creating a rich internal space while also reaching out to the larger world with impact. For me personally, it is also a place where I can come to pause, reflect, connect with others, and often to rejuvenate. The greatest tradition that I value in St. Mark’s is the one that teaches you to be open to change and to new
understanding framed within a familiar structure.

During the ten years that I’ve been at St. Mark’s, I’ve touched many of the active elements of the church including: greeting and providing bread and wine at service, taking and teaching adult classes and High School Sunday School, driving the van for Sunday Suppers, helping plan and enjoying social events, managing the Parish Retreat registration, and having two daughters who participated in Sunday School and went on Service Trips. Combined – all of this represents only a small portion of the many elements that being a part of this community offers!

My work as a project manager both in my day job providing digital access to special collections at the Library of Congress, as well as through community work such as efforts to support initiatives at my daughters’ schools, is based upon recognizing the need to learn, understand, balance and support a wide range of needs. I see this as a key part of work of the Vestry at St. Mark’s and I would be honored if selected to contribute to that process.

kristi-james-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcKristi James

Hi there!  I began attending St. Mark’s in July 2017 and the warmth and love of this place keeps me coming back every week.  I grew up in northern Virginia and was confirmed at St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg.  I am passionate about education and was a teacher for 8 years in New York City and Newark, New Jersey before returning to the D.C. area in 2014.  I now lead the teacher development team at Teach For America-D.C., part of a national non-profit that develops teachers to advance educational equity in low-income communities.  My husband, Greg, is a Unitarian-Universalist Chaplain in the U.S. Air Force and is currently stationed in Germany.

My experience as an educator and instructional coach have taught me the power of belief – both in people and a common mission — in creating dramatic outcomes.  I deeply believe in St. Mark’s and all we’re capable of as a community.  Since joining, I’ve served as an usher, lay server, and on the Altar Guild.  Vestry leadership is another opportunity to give back to a community that gives me such strength, support, and love whenever I need it.

andrew-stafford-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcAndrew Stafford

I am running for the Vestry to join my experience and the relationships I have established at St. Mark’s over the last 9 years with the current team of parish leaders who will be continuing on. From my initial commitment in early 2010 to spend at least 6 months at St. Mark’s to see how I liked it, I have come to feel profoundly connected to this community and to be involved in many aspects of parish life. I participated in the fall 2010 Life, Faith & Community group and things took off from there.

That led me to continue leading a Thursday night Bible Study following the departure of the Associate Rector who had started it and then join the search committee for the next Assistant Rector.  I began Lay Reading at the 11:15 am service. Later I was enticed to join the Finance Committee and served as Assistant Treasurer (Oct 2014-Mar 2015) and then Treasurer (Mar 2015-Nov 2016) until I left to return to New York. Since returning to the DC area to take a new job last August, I have been most blessed by being able to return to the fold at St. Mark’s and to resume worshiping with this amazing community. I have begun to Lay Read again and am excited to now run for the Vestry where I hope to join a committed team of leaders in continuing the good works of St. Mark’s, Capitol Hill.

shay-waye-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcShay Waye

I have been part of St. Marks for the past ten years and this year I’m running as a Member of the Vestry. If elected, my goal is to be a thoughtful participant, prepared and organized in discussions and decision-making that impacts all of us. I look forward to bringing fresh perspectives when warranted and respecting the past’s historical footprint.

By way of background, I have my undergrad and graduate degrees in Sociology and Organizational Development. I have devoted a huge portion of my life to community and volunteering, particularly in serving children and youth as well as underserved populations. I try not to take things too serious – except when it’s serious – however, humor and laughter rank very high in my personal attributes.

It has been my joy to be part of a community that embraces, enriches and renews spirituality in ways that meet each of our needs. I will strive to bring a meaningful voice to the vestry if elected. Thank you.