Call for St. Mark’s Art Show Submissions

Submit art reflecting your experience of the altar at St. Mark's during the pandemic.

Now! and throughout the summer we want art for an exhibition titled The Many Altars of St Mark’s (Real and Imagined). St

Mark’s has been dealing with a pandemic. To document and share our experiences we want to see: Photos, drawings, paintings, Lego assemblages, etc., of your way of worship. Whether it’s your laptop on a table, a small altar with bread and wine, a photo, a lit candle, a walk by the sea, visiting cathedrals, send us something to give a sense of how it is, or to imagine how it might be, for you. We’re especially looking for those who participate online.

The show will be up online starting in September, so you have the summer to think, draw, paint, photo, sculpt, imagine, and build The Many Altars of St Mark’s.

Send photos, questions, and comments to Elin Whitney-Smith, Arts Council co-chair, at elin[at]

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