Sermon Seminar

Sun 6/4 | 10 am in the Nave (incl. seminar) and online (sermon only)

This is an opportunity to hear the sermon followed by an open-mike time for parishioners to offer relevant reflections. Coffee is permitted!


The sermon will be shown via Zoom at 10 am. However, the “seminar” (comments from listeners) will not be livestreamed.

Click to join Sermon Seminar via Zoom


  • Call in by following these steps:
    1. Dial +1 301-715-8592.
    2. When prompted, enter 847 8785 1990 (the Meeting ID), then press # three times slowly (###) to be connected.

Meeting ID: 847 8785 1990
Passcode: Lion

The link to this session is also provided in the e-Gospel; sign up here!