2023 Annual Meeting

Sun 3/5 | 12:30 pm online

Our annual meeting will be held on Sunday, March 5. A single morning service at 10 a.m. will be followed by lunch. The annual meeting will begin at 12:30 p.m. and will also be streamed online.

The March 3rd eGospel includes the agenda, a link to the annual report and information about voting procedures.

Parishioners who are eligible to vote should have received a separate email message on Saturday, March 4, with the subject line “Annual Meeting Zoom link”. This provides access to the Zoom meeting. Zoom participants will be able to vote.

You may also watch the Annual Meeting below (via Facebook), but will not be able to participate.

Click here to view on Facebook.

Candidates for Senior Warden, Vestry, and Delegate.

We have one candidate for Senior Warden, Jim Brooks, but we do not have a full slate. So, we are announcing Jim Brooks as a candidate for Senior Warden, and we will nominate from the floor candidates for the three Vestry positions, Travis Beatty and Meg Platt, the delegate to the diocesan convention, and any additional candidates for Senior Warden. We will begin posting candidates in the foyer on Sunday.

A recording of the meeting will be posted and made available online. Closed Captioning will be available.