“You Don’t Belong Here” Book Class

Sun 2/19 | 12:45 pm, Elders Room

Reporter/author and St. Mark’s member Elizabeth Becker will discuss how her faith flows and seeps into her work, looking at her most recent book You Don’t Belong Here: How Three Women Rewrote the Story of War. The issue that arose for these three women was how their moral compasses were altered or expanded or threatened by the real, immediate toll of covering a war and by the different and heavy responsibility of finding an honest way to convey that story. The issues often came out of nowhere, and the journalists had to respond with few clues to guide them.

When: Sunday, February 19, at 12:45 pm following the 11:15 service

Where: The Elders Room in the undercroft

If you are interested in this Christian Ed class, you can sign up in the foyer or send an email with “You Don’t Belong Here” in the subject line to Elizabeth Becker at ehb47[at]msn.com.