Saints & Sinners Harvest Celebration

Sat 10/29 | 6-10 pm, St. Mark's

Fellow celebrants,

Here is your formal invitation to join us on Saturday, October 29, 2022, from 6 pm until 10 pm. Fun for all!

Adult tickets are $10 each. Children’s tickets are free (0-18 years of age).

There are two ways to purchase your tickets:

1. Open the QR code below on your phone.

2. Click this Saints & Sinners tickets link. (FYI, doing this on a computer is easier.)

We ask for the names and ages of each child to assist with planning. As you progress through the ticketing process, please add this information.

Next, we need volunteers to pull this event together. Sign up here to bring a store-bought food tray or beverages and/or to provide assistance on the day of the event.

Covid protocols in place for our church services at the time will apply to this event.

Questions? Please contact juanita.lipscomb[at]

Don’t miss this chance to have fun with the St. Mark’s community and celebrate the bonds that hold us up during challenging times. See you October 29th!