The Power of Homecoming: 1st Stewardship Forum in Place of Sermon Seminar

Sun Sep 25 | 10 am, Baxter Hall

Please plan to attend! The Power of Homecoming, Welcoming, Community, Giving is the theme for the Annual Pledge Campaign/Canvass, which launches this Sunday, September 25th, at 10 a.m. (in place of sermon seminar) in Baxter Hall with our first Stewardship Forum, “Giving.”

This will be the first Stewardship Forum of three being offered through November. All will be held in Baxter Hall on Sundays at 10 a.m. in place of the Sermon Seminar.

Please plan to attend,

  • “Giving,” September 25th
  • “Welcoming,” October 16th
  • “Community,” November 13th.

This Sunday, an overview of our financial structure and its relationship to the operations of St. Mark’s will be presented. A panel composed of our financial leaders will be on hand for questions and answers following the presentation. This will be live streamed, and questions from our internet audience will also get to the panel. Please plan to attend.

For more information about the forums and all of the Canvass Campaign, please visit our web page,, send an email to or Pick up our brochure, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, The Power of Homecoming in the foyer, Baxter Hall, or Nave. Watch for more information coming soon.