Wednesday Summer Bible Class

Wednesdays | noon

Wednesday Bible Class invites you to drop in for an hour of Bible study, lunch, and fellowship on July 13. With the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion rights and Bishop Gene Robinson’s sermon on June 26, we are going to read and discuss Westar scholar Brandon Scott’s blog on abortion and the Bible.

  • Part 1: Patriarchy,
  • Part 2: Historical Notes
  • Part 3: The Catholic Position
  • Part 4: Evangelicals Join the Fray

They can be read at and will be available in class.

You are welcome to drop in any Wednesday at 12 noon.

Date & Time: Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm. July 16 through August 31. Coordinator: Raiford Gaffney or 202-460-5415. Location: Zoom Click on the Bible Class icon–