Rector’s Forum on Regathering

Sun 3/28 | 11:15 am and again at 6 pm, both online

The second Rector’s Forum on Sunday, March 28, will begin at 6 pm, using the same Zoom connection information shown below. It’s the same meeting link as the 5 pm service – i.e. that meeting will continue into the forum.

Members of the Reopening and Regathering Committee will present the results of the parish survey and a draft plan for reopening for worship. Following the presentation, there will be breakout rooms for Q&A and discussion.

This is an important step for our community, and we hope everyone who is able will attend. Once the Regathering Committee finalizes a plan, it will be sent to the vestry and the diocese for approval and then announced to the parish.

To Connect to the 6 pm Forum

Information was updated on 3/28 at 2:13 pm.
Click to join Prayers of the People recording session via Zoom

If you have zoomed on this device in the past, just click on the microphones at left at the time agreed.
(Photo by Eric Deeran on Unsplash)

In advance: If you’d like to set up and test your laptop connection via Zoom, click here.

There are three ways to participate:

  1. For video, click
    to join via your web browser and Zoom. If you are prompted to download the Zoom software, please do so. Please check this page right before the meeting, as the connection details may change.
  2. OR call in: +1 301-715-8592 OR +1 646-558-8656 .
    when prompted, enter
    847 4848 4619 (the Meeting ID), then press # three times slowly (###) to be connected
  3. OR use the Zoom app on your smartphone.

Meeting ID: 847 4848 4619
Password: worship

Need help?

For help connecting with this event, please email or call the main number (202-543-0053) and choose Option 7. During the event, parish volunteers will be watching that email inbox and standing by for your calls. If this pilot is successful, we will aim to offer support during future online parish events.