WIN Open House for New Winter Courses

Thu Jan 7 | Noon or 6 pm, Zoom
Please sign up for a WIN Open House: January 7th at Noon OR January 7th at 6 pm

This winter, get going with the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). WIN organizes neighborhood leaders to address community issues and hold elected and corporate officials accountable in Washington.

If you’re interested in deepening your involvement and support for WIN, we urge you to take one of these free courses:

1– Building Your Dream Team: Learn how to create people power by connecting one-to-one with others in the parish and in the community (relational organizing). Four sessions (five hours total) plus community work, beginning January 12.

2– Get Into the Driver’s Seat of Organizing: Learn the issues and the organizing nuts and bolts of a specific WIN campaign, in:

A– Public Lands & Housing Affordability – starts January 7th
B– Good Jobs Legislation – starts January 28
C– Green / Healthy & Affordable Buildings – starts TBD later in the winter or early spring.

Contact Kit Arrington to sign up for the online OPEN HOUSE on January 7, at 12 noon or at 6 pm. Learn more about WIN and St. Mark’s at