Wrestling with the Angel: Jesus 2020 Election Recap

Sun 11/8 | 2 - 3:30 pm on Zoom

As ballots are being counted (and accounted for), teams of lawyers and political operatives are weighing their options. What is obscured by all the posturing is the enormous chasm this election has revealed in our country. We are, perhaps, more divided today than at any point in our nation’s history. What is at stake, however, is not a simple difference in political affliation or even in policy positions. This election has revealed a fundamental disagreement about how we in the United States understand our responsibilities to our neighbors.

For the last 40 days, Michele and Joe have been reading The Politics of Jesus, by Obery Hendricks, and discussing what it means to think about our politics theologically (click the links below to access their conversations on YouTube). How do we hold our personal political convictions together with our convictions in the teachings of Jesus? And, perhaps most importantly, what is the church’s role in helping bridge the divide in our country? Can (and should) the church offer a vision of what it means to be neighborly that we can all unite around, regardless of our political and policy differences?

All these questions and more will be on the table for discussion on Sunday, November 8, from 2 – 3:30 pm. Join Michele and Joe for this special post-election edition of Wrestling with the Angel. CLICK HERE to access the session on Zoom.

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