Aging in the Light of God’s Desire

Videos and Reflection, Oct 23 | Zoom live 4 - 5 pm, Oct 24

The diocese is sponsoring this virtual retreat for older people with the Rev. Martin L. Smith, October 23-24. Participants will view three pre-recorded presentations and engage in prayer and reflection at their own pace prior to gathering with Rev. Smith from 4 pm to 5 pm on Oct. 24.

Moderators will invite emailed questions and insights, to which Rev. Smith will respond during the gathering. Fr. Martin L. Smith is well-known throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond for his roving ministry of spiritual formation through retreats, preaching, and teaching, and as the author of a series of widely read books exploring contemporary spirituality, including The Word is Very Near You, A Season for the Spirit, and Love Set Free. He lives in Washington, D.C., and serves on the clergy team of the Church of St. Stephen and the Incarnation.

Suggested goodwill donation: $50.00.