2020 Annual Meeting

July 12, 2020
After having to postpone our 2020 Annual Meeting, scheduled initially as an in-person meeting on March 15, we are pleased to announce we will hold a virtual annual meeting on Sunday, July 12, at 11:30 a.m.
  • Nominees for the Vestry class of 2023 are Linnell Grundman and Fritz Henn. So we do have one open slot for the Vestry.
  • The nominee for Diocesan Delegate is Sandy Padgett.

Nominations will be taken from the floor during the meeting, which will allow for a third Vestry candidate to be included. However, if you would like to run for the Vestry, please notify the outgoing members of the Vestry, who constitute the core of the Nominating Committee: Tracy Councill, Alex Pereira, and Jim Brooks.

Read statements by this year’s candidates.

Annual Report

The annual report prepared for our original meeting date can be found here.  We will issue a short addendum to the booklet, including updates on finances, in the June 26 e-Gospel.

Agenda for the July 12 meeting
11:30   Call to order, including making sure people are connected and in the meeting.
11:36   Opening prayer
11:38   Establishment of a quorum
11:40   Approval of the minutes from last year
11:42   Report from the Nomination Committee
11:47   Nominations from the floor
11:50   Statements from nominees
12:10   Election 1st ballot
12:20   Financial Q & A
12:35   Outreach update
12:45   Election 2nd ballot if necessary
12:50  Senior Warden’s address
12:55  Rector’s address
1:00   Announcement of election results
1:05   Adjournment

The voter rolls will be sent from Realm before July 12. Please sign in to Realm and make sure we have your proper contact information.

We’ll accept financial questions provided at least seven days before the meeting so we have time to address them.

We are still working out technical details and will provide links and instructions closer to the meeting date.

We realize a meeting that uses Zoom could engender difficulty for some folks—access if you are not a computer user, hearing if the meeting is not closed captioned. We will set up phone lines for people to listen to the meeting and are working on other accommodations for accessibility for all. If you are concerned about access, please contact us. We will be sending letters to parishioners we know do not receive the weekly e-Gospel email.

Michele Morgan, Rector
Ryan Baugh, Senior Warden